Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Should You Hold Meetings Face to Face or Online

Should You Hold Meetings Face to Face or Online

Love them or hate them, meetings are essential in any industry, and eventually, you’ll have to host one. Nowadays, you have a number of options, from holding a conference call, to online video meetings or good old-fashioned face to face meetings. So, which type of meeting is best?

Phone meetings are one of the easiest options

If you simply need to talk through a simple issue with someone who isn’t in your office, a conference call will often be the best option. You simply need to use a conference call system, and everyone dials in and can discuss whatever is on the agenda. This is best for shorter meetings, as it can be hard to keep track of who is speaking during a phone meeting.

Video meetings are becoming very popular

Because of COVID, many businesses embraced the idea of video meetings, which are done via webcam. There can be advantages to this sort of meeting:

  • You can see everyone on video so it’s as close to face to face as you can get
  • People from around the world can join in without traveling
  • It’s easier to follow than conference calls – you can see who is calling
  • It’s easier to connect with your employees and co-workers

While video calls take some time getting used to, they can be an excellent way to host meetings when you can’t all be in the same room.

Hire a meeting room

Even if you don’t have offices, you can still hold a face to face meeting. If you use a virtual office Sydney as your business address, you should have the option of hiring a meeting or board room for the day, so you can hold your meeting in a comfortable environment. Face to face is one of the best ways you can do a meeting, especially longer ones where a lot of interaction is necessary. It’s a good way to interact with your co-workers or clients, as you can read their body language and really get a sense of what they are saying. If you are giving a presentation, face to face is best, as you can engage with your audience much more.

While there are a lot of ways to hold meetings, some are certainly preferable than others. Face to face meetings are still considered to be the best option, as people can see you and your body language, and your message is much more effective when you are in the room with people.